Tyler Moore

Ep. 2: Youtube Entrepreneur Tyler Moore on Dropping Out Of Highschool and Never Telling Anyone Your Plans

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Tyler Moore is a Youtube entrepreneur that teaches millions of people how to construct and maintain their websites. He has millions of views on his Youtube videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and is the owner of Tyler.com.

Tyler and I chat about how important it is to not immediately tell others your plans because, well… people will most likely not see your vision the way that you do. They may shoot the idea down before you even had a chance to see if it would succeed.

Keep your plans to yourself and when you do share them, share them after you have accomplished them. That way you can answer the cynical with, “Oh yeah, well, I already did it.”

I love it.

Tyler also shares what it was like to drop out of school and the real hustle he has had to put into becoming a successful Youtube entreprenuer.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why You Should Never Tell Anyone Your Plans
  • Tyler’s Thoughts Whether or Not Everyone Needs To Attend College
  • Why Pessimists Call Themselves Realists
  • The History of How Tyler Started Out
  • What Pressures Tyler Faced When Getting Started


Links and Resources in This Episode: 

Website: Tyler.com

Youtube: Tyler Moore’s Youtube Channel

Twitter: @conutant

Facebook: @Conutant


Credits for this episode:

Produced by Reed Harvey

Intro Music by Bensound.com

Outro Music by Dying Dinosaurs