Tom Campbell

Ep. 4: CEO of eSnipe Tom Campbell on Being Bullied to Becoming a Millionaire

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Tom Campbell knows a thing or two about business. He is currently the CEO of the company eSnipe. Tom was a former Microsoft program manager and hacker before acquiring eSnipe. In this episode we chat about how the most successful people do not care about others opinions but simply march to their own drum. We touch on some personal stories such as the time that Tom dealt with severe bullying and the goals that he set at a young age to become financially successful.

About eSnipe

eSnipe is a company that bids for eBay users during the last few micro-seconds of the auction process. The practice is called “sniping,” hence the name eSnipe. Tom’s software company was bought and then completely relaunched by Tom himself all stemming from his taste for high end guitar collecting. The company was one of the first pay sites on the Internet back in June of 20o1. The company has been in operation ever since and has been profitable longer than A pretty impressive feat. To get a free, no credit card needed trial, see the resource area below.



What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why successful people do not care what anyone thinks of them


  • What challenges Tom Campbell overcame in running his business


  • Toms thoughts on the best businesses to start


  • Why you should start selling commercial Real Estate


  • Why you do not necessarily need to go to college to be successful



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