Ep. 21: How NOT To Get Chased By A Bear With Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland- The Reed Harvey Show

Ryan Foland was named as a top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur magazine. He is a TedX speaker and his writings and speeches have been featured in publications such as Fortune magazine and the Huffington Post. Ryan currently teaches hundreds of students at the University of California, Irvine how to better create start-up companies. Ryan’s TedX talk was entitled “How […]

Ep. 15: Founder Of FreeCodeCamp.Com Quincy Larson On How To Become A Full Stack Developer For Free

Quincy Larson- The Reed Harvey Show

To say that Quincy Larson is a teacher is an understatement. Quincy Larson is an accomplished writer, mentor, and founder of FreeCodeCamp.com which is an organization that teaches over 400,000 students how to become job ready developers. What is the catch? Just hard work and a 1200 hour course that will transform you into a coding Ninja. Coding skills can make […]