Here is a list of my most trusted resources. Every product or service listed is something that I either used or will use in the future. Full disclosure is that I get a mini commission on each sale of these items. However, I am not sponsored by any of these companies and I truly want to steer you in the right direction, if you decide to move forward with your creative and business endeavors. I would recommend these products, as I have in the past, to my own family and friends. Hope this helps.


Listed below are two ways you can go about building your website.

Option #1. Do it yourself.

Option #2. Outsource it and have someone build you a custom website.

Do This First….

Regardless of the option you choose, you will need three things before you start.

  1. A Domain Name: This is the name of your site. Example: Domain names usually cost about $10-$15 a year. You will need to pick a name and get a domain.
  2. Hosting: A place where your files for live at and a place where they can be accessed when you type into a web browser. This is called hosting. Most places charge $6-$10 or more for basic plans. You will need to buy hosting for your site.
  3. WordPress: Instead of learning code and languages to create your website, most modern companies are using a free platform called WordPress. Companies like Tesla and people like Martha Stewart and Katy Perry use it. It is pretty much the best and most modern websites are built with it.

Company I recommend for domain, hosting, and WordPress installation: BlueHost

Why I love BlueHost

  1. Free domain
  2. Half the price of the competition (Only $2.95 instead of $6-$10)
  3. One Click WordPress Installation
  4. 24/7 support (And it is so much better than others. Trust me, I have called others.)

Bluehost is used and recommended by all the greats including Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Podcast Answer-Man to name a few.

Bluehost offers the best bang for your buck because they give you a free domain name for a year and their monthly hosting charge costs about as much as cup of coffee ($2.95). Now to get that price you have to prepay for three years. However, I found out you can cancel and get a prorated refund on any months of unused hosting that you did not use in case you decide against it in the future.

This is incredible because most companies charge at least $6-$10 a month for hosting plus the $10-$15 for a domain name. Then on top of that you can get a one click installation of WordPress and you are done!

Option #1 Do It Yourself

For detailed help on how to set up your blog or website in 5 minutes click here.

If you feel that you need more help, do not worry; I was in the same boat. The next step is outsourcing your website to a developer and getting a custom website made. Let them install WordPress and let them build the site.

Option #2 Outsource

After you have purchased your domain name and hosting, Bluehost will send you an email that contains all of the information that you will need to start installing WordPress and building your website. All of this information, except any billing information, will need to be sent to your developer.

Where to find a Web Developer

Resource For Outsourcing:

This is one of the most powerful resources you can use. is my go-to site for all of my creative needs. It is one of the largest platforms packed with literally thousands of freelancing developers, designers, engineers, editors, etc. You name it and you can find someone on Upwork to create it.

You can post a job for free and you are not required to hire anyone on it, though it is not polite to post jobs that you do not plan hiring for.

This is the company that I used to build my site.

Top 5 Companies That I Use And Love

Personally, I like to create a team to help me with all of my projects. It was my goal to find the best graphic artists, web developers, editors and more. Here is a great list of all the companies I love to use. Best for Website Creation

As was mentioned in the preceding article, you need three things to make a great website.

  1. Domain (Name of site like
  2. Hosting (Where your website files live)
  3. WordPress (Professional, easy, no coding platform to publish your site)

Bluehost gives you all three! They give you a free domain for a year, hosting for about $4 a month, and a one click installation of WordPress. They also offer 24/7 support so you never have to worry! Best for Outsourcing Quick Fixes, Small Budget, and Short Term Projects.

List of services they provide: Graphic design, Logos, Web Developing, Cartoon Animation, Music Editing, Music Mastering, Video Intros, Writing Services, Transcription, Ebook editing and formatting, and pretty much anything else you can think of. is a community of artists, developers, etc. that you can outsource almost any task to. gets its name because in theory everything costs around 5 dollars, though you can then buy upgrades or bigger packages that will usually cost you more than 5 dollars. offers almost every service you can think of. I have had good experiences with and not so good experiences with The key is knowing which product to outsource to

Look for users with excellent ratings and look at their past work. For instance, I got a book cover there that looked a little generic so I probably would have done better using a different service. However, was perfect for getting my Ebook formatted. Just try to use wisely and perhaps save the bigger projects for another freelancing company. Best for Larger Budgets, Outsourcing Longer Term Projects, and Creating Bigger Teams.

List of services they provide: Graphic design, Logos, Application Development, Web Developing, Cartoon Animation, Music Editing, Music Mastering, Video Intros, Writing Services, Transcription, Ebook editing and formatting, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Much like, is a community of freelancing developers that offer services for almost every digital project imaginable. Though can be a great place to get quick fixes on problems you may have, it is really great for long term projects such as web development and application building.

After you have created a free account on, you will then be able to post a job for whatever technical job you want preformed. You will get a flood of quotes back in of developers telling you how much they will perform the task for.

Be extra specific and perhaps have them sign a NDA before you give them any detail of your project if you want it to be confidential. An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement stating that they will not disclose any information about your product to anyone.

As you can see, differs from because usually you will be working with a developer for a longer time and it is meant for larger projects.

99 Best for Logos, Book Covers, Designs. 

99 is a little bit different from and Instead of finding one designer that you like and working with them, at 99 designs you can purchase one of their packages and you will get a flood of designers submitting a large number of designs back to you. You get 30 designers for about $299. They all compete for your business so that you can get the right logo or website that you are looking for. Once you find a design that you like, you then select that design or logo and that is the designer you will be working with. You can then make a few revisions to the logo if needed. After that the logo will be sent to you and the designer will be awarded the money for winning the contest.

Here is the best part, though. If you do not like or do not accept any of the designs and logos sent to you, you are guaranteed a full refund. That can be pretty handy because if you just work with one designer you are limited by only what he can do, plus they most likely won’t be interested in giving you a refund after they have done all that work. Best for Selling Music Online (iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Etc.)

Want to sell your music online? No Problem.

Just head on over to and you will be able to upload unlimited albums onto all the biggest platforms including iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, etc. for just 20 dollars a year. I have personally used and can say they are the best in the business and one of the cheapest ways to get your music on iTunes and online to start selling

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Need more information. Watch my step by step guide on How To Sell Your Music Online in 3 Easy Steps by clicking here.


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