We all have dreams, but at some point, almost everyone on this planet gives up on them.

The majority of people are not doing what they want to do or being the person that they want to be.

At some point in their life they sold out.

At some point in their life they realized that what they really wanted to do was not going to work or required too much effort and they quit. They gave up on their dreams or should I say they traded their dreams for something else.

A middle class lifestyle.

A life that anyone with a pulse could live.

Anyone can go to college. Anyone can get a job. Anyone can go into debt and buy a new car. Anyone can buy a house or rent an apartment.

Look around, everyone has done it.

But why do most people choose to exchange their life or freedom for a life of mediocrity?

Material wealth and status.

People trade in their dreams for debt. They trade in their business ideas for a newer car. They traded in their creative ideas for a degree in a field they only pursued because the career paid well. Now they feel that their is no way out of the system because they have obligations and the only way to meet those obligations is to work.

Work. Live for the weekends. Repeat.

Want to know about me? This is the about me page, isn’t it?

This is unacceptable to me.

What many people forget about is lifestyle. Start designing a life that you dreamed of living. That is when you start getting out of the rat race.

From that point on your every action is intentional. Every action has a strategic reason to help you achieve your lifestyle.

Mark Cuban didn’t want to become a billionaire. Mark Cuban wanted to watch basketball whenever and wherever he wanted. He designed a lifestyle to accommodate that.

Design the life you want to live.

Out of all the interviews I have conducted, what do they all have in common?

They focus on the end game, on building the life that they want to live. It did not just fall into place for them.

They focused and strategized on building that lifestyle by pursuing and perfecting their passions.

Only after that did the money start flowing in.

Most of the extremely wealthy (most of my guests are in the top 10% of the worlds top earners) do not base their lives around material things. Some are even minimalists and live more simply than your neighbors do.

Here is a secret of the rich. Not only do they value money and see it as a tool, but they also value time.

What good is a ton of cash if you are working 160 hours a week at your job?

The content that I am going to deliver to you is going to help you pursue your dreams, your passions, and help you design a lifestyle that the majority of the world does not have or live.

I cannot sell out.

And when you quit following your passion is when you sell out.

When you settle, you sell out.

I would rather live a lower middle class lifestyle with the freedom to do whatever I want (write books, podcast, music, run businesses, etc.) with the possibility that one of those pursuits may catch fire and become huge, than sell out and follow the world’s advice.

And why would I?

Why would you?

Just so that when you are 80 you can have a larger house that you will just have to give to your kids? What you won’t have is the satisfaction that you went out and tried. You went out and pursued what you really wanted to do. Many people will always wonder, “What would have happened if I just kept doing what I loved and never gave up on it.”

But do not get downhearted! Most of the people reading this have already sold out, but it is not too late to change and pursue what you really want to do in life, to take back control of your life and start working on your dreams.


The interviews that I will provide to you are going to change your perspective of what is possible. Maybe not every episode will be for you.

That is fine.

However, I am 100% percent sure that one will affect you sooner or later.

It my job to provide you with the best interviews from the top performers in all different professions and backgrounds. People with backgrounds in Art, Business, Tech, Music, Sports and more will discuss the challenges they faced like anxiety, bullying, and worry and how they overcame them.

Whether you are mowing your lawn, stuck in traffic or training for a marathon, I want to bring you top content from experts from all over the world to help you become the best version of yourself.

Let’s stop making excuses and start doing. Stop the discouragement and start the encouragement. Let’s do this.

Welcome to The Reed Harvey Show.