Ep. 9: Entrepreneur Regan Hillyer On Pursuing Your Dreams

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Regan Hillyer is on top of the world. She wants to teach you how to take control of your life and live your dreams. She is an international business coach, passionate speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Her work has been featured in Forbes magazine and by major television networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC. She joined the Reed Harvey Show to talk about how you can pursue your passion and live to the best of your potential.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Regan took control of her life and started to pursue her passion
  • How important having the right mindset is
  • Tips on how someone can escape from the generic 9 to 5 lifestyle
  • The best strategies for taking control of your own life


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Produced by Reed Harvey

Edited by Honeyzel Ontolan

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