Ep. 8: How James Compton Made 50k in One Week

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James Compton knows how to work smarter and not harder. He has started numerous businesses, is a top business writer, and he is also a drone technology expert and thought leader. He has made over $50,000 in one week using drones, an impressive feat to say the least. Now he wants to help you learn how to do the same. He speaks to me about the struggle of the corporate life and how to escape the trap of it.  Listen in on the conversation in this episode of the Podcast.


In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How does a person get into the drone business
  • What challenges did James face when starting his business
  • How James made 50k in one week
  • What businesses can a person start with very little money
  • Does he think it is necessary for everyone to attend college
  • What mistakes you should try to avoid
  • How important it is to stay positive


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Book Recommendations: 

4 Hour Work Week 



Black Swan

Fooled By Randomness


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Produced by Reed Harvey
Edited by Honeyzel Ontolan
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