Andrew Mcconell

Ep. 7: CEO Andrew McConnell On Turning Your Home Into A Cash Cow

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Co-Founder and CEO Andrew McConnell on the podcast regarding short-term rentals and how to turn your own residence into a cash machine. Andrew is a very well educated man. He has degrees from Harvard, Harvard Law School, and Cambridge. He has worked with a variety of fortune 500 companies and is now a Vacation Rental Expert. He teaches people how to make thousands of dollars every month with their own homes.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:


  • How did begin
  • How much money people can make with Vacation Rentals
  • Where to start if you want to get into Vacation Rentals
  • What Andrew would do with 100k
  • Where someone finds money to borrow to buy rental properties
  • What the benefit is of leveraging your money
  • What tips Andrew has for renting your own home as a Vacation Rental
  • Where the best places are to find rental homes


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