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Ep. 19: Co-Founder Of Leadpages Simon Payne On Why You Should Always Go With Your Gut Feeling

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Today I speak with entrepreneur and Co-founder of the software Leadpages. Leadpages managed to raise 5 million dollars in Venture Capital funds in their first round of equity financing. The company scaled incredibly fast and become a multi-million dollar company. How were the founders able to raise so much capital in such a short period of time? How did the idea of Leadpages even come about?

Co-Founder Simon Payne weighs in on this and other questions on just how someone goes about building such a large company in such a short time.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What made the founders create a software such as this
  • Why you should sometimes trust your gut feeling over advice from 3rd parties
  • How Leadpages raised $5 million in their first round of equity financing
  • What challenges the founders faced
  • What steps a person should take to turn their idea into a reality and eventually a success
  • What advice Simon would give to someone creating a start-up company


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