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Ep.16: Fulfillment By Amazon Expert Will Tjernland On How He Sold 10 Million Dollars Worth Of Product On Amazon.com

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Fulfillment By Amazon expert Will Tjernland joins the show today to explain how he was able to sell over 10 million dollars worth of product on Amazon.com. Will knows how to professionally buy great quantiles of product from suppliers all around the world and then he is able to sell that product on Amazon.com for a profit. He even knows how to have Amazon store his product at their warehouses and how his products can qualify to be sold with Amazon Prime. Will is a branding expert with years of experience in sourcing, stacking, and marketing on Amazon. He is constantly learning new tricks on how to improve his processes so that he can make sure he squeezes every last penny out of the world’s largest online marketplace. He does all the research: reads all of the blogs, attends all the events and watches all of webinars so you don’t have to. Listen in on this truly informative interview espcially if you are interested in starting your own business of selling on Amazon.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What Amazon FBA is and how it works
  • If you should you look into getting a trademark on your brand
  •  How likely it is to be ripped off by Alibaba
  •  How important is it to find a great supplier
  •  What a UPC code is and how it relates to Amazon
  •  What the Canton Fair is and if it is worth the trip
  •  How to ship your products into FBA
  •  What is the best way to ship your Chinese product into the U.S is
  •  Effective ways to market your product
  • If Amazon advertisements are worth it or not

Resources And Links In This Episode

Visti Will Tjernlands Website: FBAExpert.com

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