Quincy Larson- The Reed Harvey Show

Ep. 15: Founder Of FreeCodeCamp.Com Quincy Larson On How To Become A Full Stack Developer For Free

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To say that Quincy Larson is a teacher is an understatement. Quincy Larson is an accomplished writer, mentor, and founder of FreeCodeCamp.com which is an organization that teaches over 400,000 students how to become job ready developers. What is the catch? Just hard work and a 1200 hour course that will transform you into a coding Ninja. Coding skills can make you some serious cash. The fact is that thousands of developer jobs go unfullfilled every year and with most developers making a six figure income, it is a skill worth picking up.  Quincy and I talk about the future of tech and what the future may potentially bring us, AI included. I truly enjoyed this interchange of thoughts and ideas with Quincy, and whatever you do, don’t say that you are not natually good at coding, because as Quincy points out, “no one is.”

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How you can become a Full Stack Web Developer for free


  • How many jobs may potentially become atomated in the future and how to prepare yourself for it


  • Whether or not you have to be naturally talented or not to become a coder


  • If the term “Web Designer” is still relevant


  • What coding languages are most important to learn


  • Why basic coding skills will make you a better project manager


Resourses and Links:

Learn to code for free at FreeCodeCamp.com.

Follow and connect with Quincy on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Read Quincy’s articles on Medium and Quora.

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Produced by Reed Harvey

Edited by Reed Harvey

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