Ep. 13: The People Walker On What It Really Means To Think Outside Of The Box

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Chuck McCarthy created a business. He became a people walker. No, he does not walk dogs, he walks people. Laugh or chuckle, but this is no joke because he is an internationally known entrepreneur that has been written about or featured in publications such as the New York post, Vice magazine, and many other national news outlets for his out of the box thinking and creative mindset.  Join us as we find out more about Chuck and his creative way to make a living


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Chuck started this business
  • How important interpersonal skills really are
  • How important it is to take risks and think outside of the box
  • The history of the term “thinking outside of the box”
  • What advice Chuck would give to other creative entrepreneurs


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How to Win Friends & Influence People


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Produced by Reed Harvey

Edited by Reed Harvey

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