Bobby Casey

Ep. 6: Bobby Casey On Traveling The World And Being Forever Free As a Digital Nomad

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Is it your dream to travel the world by working solely on your laptop computer? Well that is exactly what Bobby Casey does. He is a successful life long entrepreneur, investor, and global asset protection expert. He travels the world and helps business owners protect their wealth in a legal but strategic way. He helps businesses and digital nomads to become the most successful and profitable that they can possibly be.

I spoke with Bobby about living a life as a digital nomad and being free to travel as he wishes. Bobby gives us some great tips on how we can be free as well.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:


  • What are some practical ways to make money that someone could get right into, perhaps not even having a background in business ?
  • How can you become a digital nomad and have the freedom to travel the world?
  • What strategic ways can you protect your wealth with an offshore account?
  • Why is it effective to sometimes live outside the U.S.?
  • How you can stop trying to keep up with the Jones’ and create a new mindset?
  • Why do successful people not care about what others think of them?


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