monday inspo-2

I am an Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Affiliate Marketer, Musician, Author and Podcast Host of The Reed Harvey Show.

I help people become who they want to be and pursue their true life passions. It is my passion to deliver to you the most inspirational guest interviews as well as business, creative, and lifestyle advice that will provide you with the direction you need to take on your wildest dreams.

Let me explain a little about my background. I am 29 years old and grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. As beautiful as Washington state is I just had to run to the sun. So I moved from my little town in Washington State to the sunshine of Scottsdale, Arizona. I have a background in Real Estate and business. I have worked almost every job you can imagine and because of this I am acutely aware of my strengths and of my weaknesses.

I did realize something.

I can work for anyone but my favorite person to work for is myself.

I am inherently curious and I love conversation. I love to hear about why a person acts the way that they do and what lead them to become the person they are today. I believe we can learn something from every human being we encounter. It is my passion to help you learn from the people that I interview on my podcast. From how to dodge pirates in South America to how you can self-publish your very own book, I am here to help bring you the experts that you want to hear from.

Out of all the businesses I have started, deals I have done, products that I have sold, this podcast is my favorite.

You know why?

Because I would do this podcast even if I wasn’t getting paid for it.

I have worked far harder on this podcast than I have on many other projects. This idea stuck and won’t go away.

Hope you enjoy!